[security problem] warning for ftp path copy

this happened to me:
i have a shortcut for copying paths and one for copying the destination http:// url link
i accidentally pressed the one for copying the path instead of the destination path and pasted it in some chat. unfortunately it contains the password in plaintext. it wasn't so bad because it wasn't in public and it was a nice guy but it could have come worse. It could have been avoided if i were more carefully but errors can happen all the time and does not have to be a key press, it could also be something like a logger.
So, i thinkthere should be an option to let a warning message pop up when you try to copy the path of a password protected ftp file/folder or some way to hide the password.


Thank you for the report.

We've made a change so that Edit -> Copy Full Pathnames and similar Clipboard COPYNAMES=xyz commands no longer include the login details for FTP paths.

(Please let me know if that wasn't the type of command you were using, in case we need to look for any other case where that might happen.)

that solves the problem perfectly.

I just updated my dopus to last version...
And that "security problem" you described and fixed WAS a feature for me !

i use it to quickly compare files locally and on FTP sites using beyond compare (without the need to have the FTP credentials set in beyond compare)

Could you make a optional modifier so we can have the previous behavior if we want to ? that would be great

The problem with the old behaviour was it gave an easy way to extract the plain-text passwords from Opus, without having to know the master password, which we try to avoid.

Hi Leo, i understand that, but i'm not even using the master password those are plain text anyways...

Hi Leo,

any news regarding this issue (well at least for me :smiley: ) ?

It really would be nice to have an optional modifier to append passwords if we want to and of course if the are already available to anyone in dopus menus (which is my case)
In that case and in that case only how would it be a security problem anymore ?

Cheers, Nitrix