Select all checkboxes


I seem to be having trouble selecting all checkboxes after searching for duplicate files. What I'm trying to do is "selecting all" files so I know how much space is being used by JPG files and then selecting all the checkboxes and removing them to see how much space I can save by deleting them. When I click on delete in the lower left hand corner of the Utility panel, I get a dialog box asking if I really want to delete the files and suggest that I use Remove files from the collection command. I am unable to find that command. It's not in the Edit drop down menu and I can't find it in the toolbar commands. I would appreciate any help with this.



I think you want Edit -> Select Other -> Checkboxes to Selection.

The "Remove from Collection" command is in the menu attached to the Delete button on the default toolbars. (I think it's also there when you right-click items on collections.)

Okay. I didn't have the toolbar that had the correct "Edit" menu that has "Select Other" showing. Now everything is working. Thanks.