Select files with left mouse button and drag with right mb

Hi all

I am trialing Dopus. I´ve been using Totalcommander for many, many years but after reading about Dopus for a couple of years I decided to try it and I must say I love it. I never thought anything would make me change from Totalcommander.

Anyways being a recovering TC addict I have only one thing that I would like to do in Dopus - to select multiple individual files with my right mouse button.
I have played with power mode but I cant get it work the way I want.
If I choose in the settings for power mode for right button:
"select only" and then enter power mode then I can select the files like in TC but I can not copy them without it showing the menu where it asks me if I want to copy or move them. I can now select multiple individual files, and that is good. But
in power mode in Dopus the left mouse button suddenly has the same function as the right mouse button (select/deselect files) even though in the settings it is set to have normal behaviour (drag and drop) and the right button is set to "select only"

In TC it works like this: I right click on the files I want to copy (or drag the mouse over all the files in the folder while holding down the right mouse button) then I left click on one of the files I have marked and drag all the selected files to the other pane and they get copied. (If I want to move them I push the ctrl-key).

Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to achieve this?

Try this (for example):

Left mouse button: Context Menu; Drag & Drop: Immediate action
Right mouse button: Normal drag select; Drag & Drop: Disabled

It works for me ...

Thanks alot Cristiaan! Works perfectly. I should´ve figured it out my self really :blush:

The last obstacle is removed. Now I have no choice than buy Dopus :slight_smile: