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(sorry for my english)..

i'm trying Opus 8, and i think it's a really good software except for something i can't manage to do:

  1. Very important, the selection mode is difficult for me, becouse i'm used to work with In the power mode too, i can't set it like WinNC:

left click - non full selection, it is used to move through folders

right click - on small tumbnails: context menu
- on words (filename etc, full row) selection

no control button required

  1. How to create a toolbar where put favourites? Something fevy useful to switch quickly through most used folders.

thaks a lot!


  1. You won't be able to do file selection exactly as you're used to, but all the options for what the mouse buttons do in Power mode are under Preferences, Listers, Power/Details Mode.

  2. There are two ways really.

One is to use the Opus favourites system and then add the pre-made Favourites List (under the Go command category in the Customize dialog) to a toolbar. That will show a dynamic list of all your favourites right on the toolbar. (Use Favourites Menu to create a submenu.

Using this method you can also filter the dynamic list so that it only shows a sub-branch of the favourites tree, or so that it only shows favourites which point below a certain path.

The other way to do it is to enter Customize mode and simply drag any folders you want to your toolbars. This will create buttons which go to the folders.

In both cases the end result is the same and the difference is how you add and remove entries.

thanks a lot for your answer.

No problem for the selection, but this would be a nice update !

anyway, i've some problems with favourites: if i use the first way you said, i don't manage to view images near labels of favourites! There isn't this problem with the second way, but it is more difficult to use...


You can get folder icons by the favourites list by editing the command (hold alt and left-click part of the list to do this quickly). Change it from




and make sure Show Image is ticked for good measure.

Of course, if you want a custom icon for each entry, rather than the generic folder icon for all of them, then you'll havet to go with the more complex method.

Hope that helps!