Select First in New Lister

I have a feeling this has been discussed elsewhere but I couldn't find the thread. I'm attempting to open a new single lister with a viewer pane and then select the first file in the folder. The following code looks (to me) like it should work but after opening the new lister it selects the first file in the original lister rather than in the new one.

go current new=notree,nodual,viewpane @useactivelister select first
Regards, AB

The description of @useactivelister reads..[quote]@useactivelister can be added to an Opus function to make it use the path and files from the active Lister instead of from the source Lister (although the active and source Listers may often be, they are not necessarily the same.)[/quote]
Since the method I described doesn't appear to work, is this an @useactivelister bug or have I misunderstood? At what point does a new lister become "active" and does it do so by default?

Either way, is there another method of opening a new single lister with a viewer pane and displaying the first file (typically an image) in the viewer?

Regards, AB

@useactivelister affects the whole command, even if it's in the middle of it.

I think you'll also run into problems because you have to wait until the new window opens before trying to send it a select command. The new window opens asynchronously and isn't tied to the existing window/command; otherwise you could've sent it a select command via dopusrt.

You can use this command to open a new window with the currently selected file selected in it:

@firstfileonly Go {filepath} new=notree,nodual,viewpane

However, the viewer pane doesn't respond to that anyway. You have to interactively select things with the mouse, spacebar or cursor keys for the viewer pane to notice.

Thanks Leo. Makes sense. I'm sure I'll manage to live with the extra mouse click. :smiley:

Cheers, AB