Select folder preference in delete

I have a load of images in a "Temp" folder and am checking contents in that folder against those in my permanent folders to see if I already have the images. If I do have the images, then I wish to delete the ones in the "Temp" folder not the ones in the permanent folder. However the default delete selection process sometimes chooses the one in the Temp folder and sometime the one in the Permanent folder to delete. How (or can I )force the program to select to delete duplicates in a particular folder? In this case, the temp folder.

For each group of duplicates, the Duplicate Finder will keep the first file and mark the others for deletion.

So, you can control which file is kept by changing the sort-order to put the ones you want first, then clicking the Select button again. In this case, sorting (or reverse-sorting, depending on the other folder) by Location should get you what you want.

Thanks Leo - that sorted (!) it.