Select HTML file and folder as a pair?

Is there a way, as with Windows (XP) explorer, to make an HTML file and it's corresponding folder (from a saved web page) select together for moving, deleting etc.?

I made a support request on this so I thought I'd put it here too. If support answer I'll post the answer here.


I got a very quick response from Greg. Excellent support! Here's his reply:

[quote]Not directly. Opus is designed to be select the files that you explicitly
choose. It does not make automatic assumptions about multiple selections
such as this. You could, however, do this by using a simple Pattern matching
selection to match that name or the file and folder.

This is on the list for consideration in a future version.[/quote]
I really think this would be a good idea for a future version. I have an enormous directory containing saved web pages and I'm deleting various of them. Without this auto-selection it is laborious. Little things like this could make someone go back to Windows Explorer or look at other programs.

It isn't difficult at all to write a command line program to accomplish this in a button.
One could start by selecting either the html file or the corresponding Directory.
The other would then be selected by the program.
Trouble is, my program would not support Thai characters.
A better programmer would be needed to do this.

It may very well be possible to do this with a cmd batch file as well.
I don' know them well though, another user here is much better at them.

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If you use the folder options to mix files and folders together then at least the .html file will appear next to its folder, making it much easier for you to select both of them.

That's a good suggestion, however I'm sorting through them chronologically (sorted by modified date), but this only works when the folder is sorted by name. Sorry to be fussy.

I guess I'm missing somthing here.
Wouldn't a saved web page have the same 'modified' time stamp for both the folder and the html file ?
Or not ?

Jon's suggestion works just fine on my system and it can be implimented for just one specific folder containing saved web pages, or many such folders.

Edit note:
Perhaps you meant html files that you edit and change, and their corresponding folders .
I'm not at all certain why a website would have this kind of structure though.

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I hadn't realised that I could sort the directory by modified date AND have the folders and files mixed. However this still doesn't quite work because the oldest folders on my system have a date stamp less than a month ago when I last reinstalled my system. It's not a big issue but just something that I missed from Explorer.