Select\Move Next\Prev & Resize Columns Hotkeys

im trying to create a create a set of hotkeys\commands to move between and resize the selected columns. [in details mode, always]

moving between the highlighted\sorted using:
"Ctrl+Shift+[" to move left and "Ctrl+Shift+]" to move right.

plus resizing columns, say by 10 characters or so using:
"Ctrl+[" to shrink column width and "Ctrl+]" to expand the width.

ive spent a day searching in the forum and looking over the internal commands and without being specific to using a column name, rather than move right or left cant dream up combination to move columns using hotkeys.

nor resizing a column manually on the fly, i was hopeful for something like...

set SPACING columnwidth:+10

but that does nothing...

So I'm not actually sure what or how to ask for help on this puzzle.

Lets start with if this is Possible to move to adjacent columns in a lister pane using internal commands or do i need to create a script?

See Set COLUMNSADD for how to position/resize columns using commands:

i was looking at those commands and got the sorted to move using


but it somehow cleared rearranged the other columns in the process

i dont want to add any columns; i want to navigate left and right to what's already there... relative to adjacent neighbors

maybe with...

Set SORTBY= [i cant figure what to put here] eg.. "-1" or "-1" or "!-1*" to move left and a "+1" to move right
im trying to add * to that code above the keeping making the font bold instead, not sure if your able to see that or not.

i did a quick photoshop image to try to better convey what im trying to achieve.

Syntax looks wrong. Missing a comma at least.