Select newest file by date doesn't maintain the focus

Hi, I installed new Dopus version 11 a few hours ago and started to play around with all these new features. Unfortunately I can not get the new "select by date" command working as expected. I want to select the newest file in the current directory by using this command:

Select DATE=both,newest,next DESELECTNOMATCH TYPE=files

In fact the newest file is actually selected but the focus is still kept on the previously selected file. Thus if I start to navigate around the cursor is far away from the selected file because the last file still has the focus.

The select command normally just selects things.

Add MAKEVISIBLE to also make it the active item (and scroll it into view if needed; making it the focus item is really just a side-effect, but the one you want in this case).

Shame on me, actually I (should) know that. But I haven't updated my DOpus for one year now. Seems that I have to learn some old skills again!

Thanks for your patience.