Select Single File Type for Display

Does Opus support the display of files just having a single extension type like Windows file explorer? At the moment it only sorts all files according to type.

As in only showing JPG files or similar?

You an do that via the Filter Bar, which can be displayed via any of these methods:

  • Type the * key (i.e. Shift + 8).

  • Select Folder > Filter By Name from the menus.

  • Set Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options / Display Filter Bar to Always.

Once the Filter Bar is visible, click the drop-down to select types (or type a wildcard pattern in if you prefer):


That's way too tedious. Here's a shot from File Explorer. Just tick the fileType in the dropdown checklist. Once ticked, only those file types are shown. It's very convenient. If Opus doesn't do this, please consider it for a future enhancement.

Really? Because the filter bar is at the bottom? Because it additionally shows file groups?

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Perhaps it would be more digestible if Leo's post was written like this:

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Sorry if I offended anyone with reply. My bad. The set Preferences... option to Always works well. I know--I should have RTFM. Thanks again.