Select upto a certain filesize

What I'd like, since I take gigs and gigs of photos each week, is the ability to select as many files as it would take to fill up a disk. So, the command would start at the beginning (however the directory is organized, size, name, etc) and select the first 700 meg (or 4.25 gig if I'm backing up to a DVD) or under so I can copy those files to a directory and then erase the directory after everything's backed up. That'd really rock my world.

I'll second that notion... perhaps some extensions to the current Select function to operate based on file/folder size. Porc wrote a PHP script that might help you out if Opus never includes such functionality. I'll have to admit I'm a guilty prig for not having tested his kind offering of help - I like to pick things apart before I use them and haven't had much time to tool around with PHP. But you should be able to install PHP and use or adapt his script to get what you need to work...