Selected Background for Files is dark gray instead of black

Using DOpus9, in Settings|Preferences|Display|Colors and Fonts|Files, I set "Selected Background" to black. Yet, when I select a file in the lister, the background is gray, not black. I know I have the right Preferences item because if I change it to red, for example, I see the background change to red in the lister. But, when I set it back to black, in the lister it is gray. In Explorer, the background is a nice deep navy blue, so I tried setting it to navy in DOpus, and instead got a medium blue. Any idea why I can't get a dark, high contrast color for file background?

Have a look at the various Blend options in Preferences / Display / Options - it sounds like your background colour is being blended with some other colour (possibly the sort field, although this would only affect one column, not the whole window)

That seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!!