Selected tab background colors not changing

Vista Home Premium x 32

Settings/Preferences/Colors & Fonts/Other Colors/Folder tabs:

Selected background:

It does not make any difference what color I choose the selected tab background remains white.

Am I missing something? :confused:

Go to Preferences - Listers - Folder Tabs and turn off Use Visual Style under XP/Vista. If you are using visual styles for the tabs then the tab background colours have no effect.

Thank you leo for your quick reply.

Sorry for jumping in on this thread, but I have a very similar problem. My selected tabs don't show color either. Only difference is that I'm on XP Pro sp3. My tab colors don't change but there IS only a thin line above them that does. See the thin yellow line above "Control Panel" in this example:

[Selected tab background colors not changing)

I Must've had too many beers, Jon! I was puzzled for about 5 minutes by your circular reference there, then I got it. Duh! Somehow I read something in the original problem that made me think it was just related to Vista problems (what isn't these days). Thanks for the kickstart.