Selecting folders

I am assuming this is a problem of me not being able to find the appropriate preference setting to change.

In my listers, if I select more than one file or folder they become "group selected" (as if in Explorer or somesuch I had CTRL selected them). I am then unable to deselect them. It even happens if I drag a selected file or folder over others in the same lister - they become highlighted and part of the drag operation. It's a wee bit frustrating to be honest.

Sounds like you're in power mode. For explorer like selecting go to the menu command of VIEW/DETAILS (it probably says POWER now).

You can configure power/details mode in preferences on the POWER/DETAILS MODE tab in the LISTERS section of preferences. Also if you use lister styles, power/details mode can be set for each style you use.


Brillyint! That was precisely the problem and it's not one any more. Many, many thanks.