Selecting multiple files in thumbnail mode on a touhscreen

Hi. Is it possible to select multiple thumbnails without a mouse or keyboard when you are using a touchscreen? I have a laptop that converts from laptop to tablet. I currently have version 11 but am considering upgrading. Thanks. Bryonie

Two options would be Power mode and Check-box Mode.

Thanks jon. That's perfect.

Note that while Power mode shows icons by default, you can add the Thumbnail column to show thumbnails as well, or instead. This is also true of Details mode.

(The main difference between Power and Details is that Power allows you to change what the mouse buttons do, for things like moving toggle-select to left click, instead of middle-click as in Details mode.)

A further question on this topic. When I'm in check-box mode, I can select multiple files very easily. Thank you for that. What I generally do at that point is drag them (when I'm using a mouse) to the taskbar and then to the piece of software that I'm importing them into. When I try and do that this way, while the files are checked, they don't all come with me - only the one I'm actually touching with my finger. Is there a way around this yet?
Thanks again

A button which runs Select FROMCHECKS will convert the checkboxes into a normal selection, which should then be what gets dragged. (It's under Edit > Select Other by default, but you'd probably want to move or add it to your top-level toolbar if you use it a lot.)

Alternatively, using Power Mode instead of checkboxes would give you a way to toggle selections similarly while being able to drag directly (depending on Power Mode configuration).

Aha! Thanks Leo :slight_smile: