Selecting severl folders in the Folder tree view. How?

I would like to select several folders in the folder tree view. But it does´nt seam to be possible to select more than one folder at a time in that view.

How do I select several folders at once in the folder tree view?

Also as a feature suggestion I would like to be able to select several folders and have their content shown in one location so that it is possible to easily copy files from more than one folder at once. (I already suggested this.)

Another thing, is it possible to have two different fileviews locked so that they follow eachother.

For example I have a detailed file list and I also have a thumbnail file list.
But if i change folder in any of them the other won't follow and will still display the old folder.

Is there a way to make two filviews show the same content without having to update manually by pressing the arrow that updates from one folder to the oter?


it's not possible :slight_smile:

Yes, the Navigation Lock feature lets you do this.

Beware that NavLock doesn't currently support navigation by the tree or breadcrumbs; instead it only keeps the two sides in sync if you change directories by double-clicking folders within the main display and/or use the usual Parent and Back buttons.

Thats great!

To bad it doesn't work with the folderlist, because its a quicker way of navigating especially when you have one list window showing thumbnails.

I think it should be high on the todo list.