Selection in Flat View by Label

I'm posting this only to point out just how easily Directory Opus solved a file management task I did today.
I archive registered programs, fonts, and whatever else I want to save in a compressed ISO that I have had for several years using Ultra ISO. The folder structure of my archive has evolved over time, but has been essentially the same for many years. So I have a few older archives that contain extinct thoughts, Directory Opus 6 for instance, that fit on either CDs or DVDs and then my present day archive that begins with Directory Opus 8. That archive is approaching 30 Gigabytes and only Directory Opus License info is included.

Well, I had not updated the archive in a very long time but had kept a good local folder structure of programs I had registered including receipts and releases. So I updated the archive today flagging files copied to the ISO with a Red Label. If it be an entire folder and I do not wish to keep the folder in the local structure, I flagged the folder with a Red Label.

I processed the ISO update, which took quite some time.
After that was finished, all I needed to do to delete the archived files was to use Edit -> Select by Pattern in Flat View. I simply created a filter for Label match Red .
Press Delete.

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