Selection shown when Opus inactive

When Opus windows are inactive (i.e. you are working in another app) they still show the current selection higlighted in the standard selection colour. Windows apps usually either hide the selection highlight or show it in a dim colour like grey.
Is there any way of making Opus work like other apps?

If not, it should :slight_smile:


I love that I can select files using opus and can, when task switching to a viewer like ACDSee, still see the Opus files selected as normal.

I find that the downside is that I sometimes think the Opus window is active, because the items are highlighted, when in fact it isn't. Pressing a key e.g. Del doesn't go to Opus after all.

I feel that it should work like any other Windows program and highlight it in a more subte shade.

Of course, providing an option would keep everyone happy.