Semicolon symbol does not show in File Display for Artist and Album Artist Column

I am talking about Music files metadata Artist and Album Artist Column. in a music Track where multiple Artist performed, I have to write Multiple Artist name. I have to use Semicolon symbol ; for separate from each other. But in DOpus File Display the Semicolon symbol Does not showing. where Windows File Explorer Show the Semicolon symbol without any problem in Contributing artists Column.

Seems OK here:

:fearful: :fearful: :fearful:
What Can I do?
Metadata Panel also doesn't show the semicolon in my PC.
My Opus Version is 12.24

Are these files you edited with Opus or something else?

If you type the ; in the metadata panel, it should work.

Yes I have just tested with Opus Meta Panel, it's worked. I had edited that with media monkey 5