Send File by eMail creates Error Microsoft Outlook

Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
Microsoft Office 365 Onenote
Opus 12.33

I have been using Google Chrome for sending and receiving emails. I do not even have Microsoft outlook and stalled on my computer. But yet when I try to send an email file I get this:
Microsoft Outlook
Outlook can’t do this because a dialog box is open. Please close it and try again.

The file is in my Opus directory. I just set up my email settings and preferences, never used before:
Send Email via: Internal SMTP
• SMTP Settings:
• SMTP Server:
• Port: 587 (Port was 25)
• Use SSL/TSL: Auto
• Server Requires Authentication: Yes
• Username: Your Gmail email address
• Password: Your Gmail password
• Maximum Simultaneous SMTP Threads: 2 (default)


Which method are you using to send the email? It may be something added by another tool rather than Opus.

You will probably need a separate password for Opus. You can set it at

Leo-This is the method I used.
Send Email via: Internal SMTP

IXP-Password: Your Gmail password<<
Set up an account in mail for my Opus? Not sure wat you mean?

That's the Opus configuration. But how are you sending the email? What are you clicking on to do that?

I'm figuring that is going through my Gmail account somehow. I have never had to give this a second thought sending and receiving emails with Google Chrome.

So basically I'm sending to someone's email account, a file. For testing I'm sending it to my email account. But I think what you're saying is that I'm going to have to do something on the chrome end, that's where I'm getting kind of confused.

But what are you clicking on to send the email? Are you right-clicking a file and using something from the context menu? What is the name of it?

So far we don't know if it's part of Opus or something another tool has installed.

The SMTP configuration inside of Opus won't affect other tools, so it's important to work out if you're trying to send the email via Opus or via a menu item (or whatever is being used) added by something else.

The Menu? Right click on the file name.rtf / Send Too / Mail Recipient. Are you saying that after I select "Mail Recipient" I'm at the hands of a Mail program, no loner using Opus?

That isn't part of Opus. It's something added by Windows or Outlook or something else.

You can send email using Opus via here (among other places):

I understand. It must be something other then Opus.

"Send To -> Mail recipient" will use your default MAPI email client, which is probably Outlook or Outlook Express or something similar. It doesn't involve Opus at all.

The strange thing is I don't even have Outlook installed. Maybe it has some thing to do with Microsoft Office which I do have installed.

Same on my system, with Office but not Outlook. It generates errors about Outlook and .pst files. Just Microsoft being bad at everything they do, as usual.