Send to Multimedia device

my AV Receiver is shown in Windows Media player and I can send music to this device and it will play there.
This receiver is shown in the network using opus as well, but is there a way to send music or even videos from my computer to this device using directory opus ? VLC won´t show this device, so I wonder if windows media player is the only solution. Why not right click in opus and send it to this device as well if there is an option/plugin to be set somewhere ?

I am rather sure that Opus doesn't have any audio/video streaming capabilities and that the RX-V577 can't handle files. So the first step would be to find a streaming software (too bad VLC doesn't work) for the RX-V577. You could then try to automate things with Opus.

Edit: looks like the RX can play files from a storage, so you could share the videos files via your LAN and access them via the RX's OSD. Still very little to do for Opus :frowning:

You probably want a command-line DLNA client to push things to the AVR. With one of those it's simple to set up a toolbar, menu or hotkey in Opus to do what you want.

I don't know which work the best, but there are several options out there. I found these from a quick search, but there may be others. In no particular order (as I have not tried them):

There are also some similar tools aimed at Google Chromecast devices. I'm not sure if those are just DLNA, and would work as well, or if it uses a different protocol. I'd try the ones above first, but people looking for the same thing with Chromecast may want to look at different tools made specifically for that.

Thanks for the links. I´m afraid it won´t work on this old device. I tried simpleDNLA and it works in a way that my files are streamed, but not push the device to play back. I have to use an app on this device and then I´m able to choose from the files streamed and they are played. Wonder how Media player does that pushing ...