SendTo Collection

Hi there, I'm pretty sure theres no way to do this at the moment unless someone has any ideas...?

I'd really like to be able to automatically send selected files/folders to either an existing File Collection or have an option to specify a new collection name like:

...and/or also be able to have some sort of drop-menu option when dragging files/folders onto the File Collections item in the folder tree like:

It'd also actually be nice to be able to stick any such 'send to file collection' options in the existing Windows 'Send To' menu.

The standard Copy command will copy to a collection:

Copy TO="Coll://My Collection"

Is that not what you want?

Hi Tanis, thanks for the reply... but I should have been more clear, though what you said works. But I routinely change (add/remove/rename) my file collections and would constantly have to update such a hard coded command like that to suit...

What I was looking for (added feature wise) was perhaps some sort of internal command extension for 'Collections' kind of like we have now for 'Favorites' so that we could do an 'Add to File Collection' but with the bonus of a sub-menu showing current/dynamic collections (and an option to add to a new collection).

Ah, I see what you mean now. Something more like the current

Copy WINMSGR=submenu

which dynamically creates a submenu with each contact listed.

I can see the benefit of this and have placed a 'feature request'.

I also added the "add to new" idea.

And it's at this point that paranoia sinks in - have I missed an obvious solution???? :slight_smile:

Yeah I know what you mean - that's why I posted here rather than just submitting the FR myself because I had that creeping feeling I was forgetting something :slight_smile:. Then of course I started tooling around with favorites and alias's and stuff and before I knew it, 5:00 am? Dam...

This now works in DOpus 9, if you enable the option in Preferences / Windows integration.

However, I get unexpected results in DOpus if I send multiple files to a collection: if there are a dozen or so, it would send only the first 9 files. If I send tens or hundreds of files, I get a Windows error message and sometimes there would be chunks of names appearing in the collection.

(As a workaround, drag & drop works well.)

Is this a bug?

I reported the same issue when the feature was being implemented and it turned out to be a limitation with the way all selected items were being sent in one big shot through the 'SendTo' hook...

What you can use instead is an explicit context menu action for 'All files and folders' that runs the command Copy COLLLIST.