Separate thumbnail size per tab?

When I zoom in on a given tab, that zoom is now applied to all tabs on that lister. Is there a way to keep the zoom change contained to that tab alone? I have some folders that have albums or movies or some such, where a more zoomed in thumbnail view is preferred sometimes, but then switching to other tabs/folders I want a more compact thumbnail view, and it makes those more cumbersome to navigate. I wish it would be able to keep a given tab zoomed in independent of others. It's not an issue I bump into often, but I'd like to know if there's a solution, or suggest it as a feature if it's not.

You can use a command like Show THUMBNAILSIZE=512,left to change the size in just one tab.

(Inactive tabs on the same side aren't affected, and no tabs on the other side are affected.)

We'll probably add per-folder sizing in the future so you can automate this without needing scripting.