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Seperate and Different Toolbars

Can I have completely different toolbars in completely different listers?
Are the toolbars global throughout all the listers and styles?

I've tried creating a new lister layout, and then creating new toolbars for the new lister layout, but when I add the new toolbar to the new lister, it (the new toolbar) is also added to all my other lister layouts.

Can't seem to get it just right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - I searched a couple of key words ("seperate" and "different") in this forum and the toolbars/buttons forum with no joy.

Layouts do not affect toolbars.

There are two modes a lister toolbar can be in (this is ignoring floating/docked toolbars that exist on their own, not attached to a lister):

[ul][li]Global toolbars: These are the normal kind. If they are turned on in one lister, they are turned on in all listers.

[li]Local toolbars: These are only turned on temporarily, in a single window. You can turn them on by running a command (e.g. via a hotkey or via a button on another toolbar). The Toolbar command's LOCAL argument makes this happen. For example:

Toolbar NAME=MyToolbar STATE=right TOGGLE LOCAL

(See the Diff/Merge Toolbar thread for a fuller example.)[/li][/ul]

Note that a local toolbar can be turned on for a single lister, but there is no way to turn off a global toolbar for just one lister. If you turn off a global toolbar in any lister, it will be removed from all of them. So you can add extra temporary toolbars to individual windows but you cannot take away your normal set of toolbars (without closing them everywhere and then re-opening them).

That said, you can toggle global toolbars using the Toolbar command, the same as you can toggle local ones. So you could have a button/hotkey which quickly adds/removes them if you don't mind it affecting every window at once.

Thanks for your hard work guys. This will help alot. Keep up the good work.