It doesn't appear that that works. Am I correct in thinking that I cannot remove the "name" column?

I don't really want to remove it with this button, I want to resize it, but I can't find a way to do that. So, I was trying to remove it, and re-add it with a position and size specified, but I can't.

Thoughts? Suggestions on how to go about re-sizing a column? I guess I could set it up as a new folder format....


You can't remove the name column.

A folder format is the only current way (that I know of) to change the width of the name column via a command, unless you want to auto-size it and all the other columns using Set AUTOSIZECOLUMNS.

Thanks. Autosizing won't work for my application, so a new folder format it will have to be.

I guess it makes sense that you can't turn off the name column, but I never thought about it before. :confused:


You could ask GPSoft for a Set COLUMNSIZE command. Seems like a reasonable thing to want and my bet is it wouldn't be difficult to add.

Good idea. Done!