Set Columnstoggle Questions

I've established a Set Columnstoggle button. It works fine with two exceptions:

  1. I want to toggle on one column while toggling off another, and vice versa when when the button is pressed again. If possible, how do I do this?
  2. I want to position the columns somewhere besides the end of the columns. If possible, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance!


Since it seems to be a bit of a problem to achieve this using the toggle command, without trying very complicated solutions, i would suggest you use some 3-way button, with LMB setting column A, & RMB setting. column B.

set columnsremove=columnstypeB columnsadd=columntypeA(4)
set columnsremove=columnstypeA columnsadd=columntypeB(4)

The positioning part might only work roughly, depending on your column settings. If "name" is set to autosize, it can push the column out of sight.

But if you have a fixed size set for the name, you can achieve to have that column near to the right side, depending of your resolution & the columns index (like columnsadd=comment(5)) you can use.

If toggling two columns in a single Set line/command doesn't work, have you tried toggling each separately (i.e. two-line command, one for each column)?

Here's what I have (it works):

Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=sh:foldersize,sh:allchildren,sh:folderchildren,sh:filechildren
Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=modified,attr

I want to add the column "size" in the mix, but it junks things up.

What do you mean by junks things up?

I have a button which toggles the size column without problems.

Here's the code I use:

Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=size,type,modified,attr
Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=sh:foldersize,sh:allchildren,sh:folderchildren,sh:filechildren

(Edit: ImageShack trashed all the images in this old post, so I removed them. --Leo)

If I take out just the size column from the code, everything works as expected. So what's happening with the size column?

Try splitting the comnand up so each line only toggles a single column. That was what I meant in my original suggestion. (I didn't realise we were talking about toggling more than two columns.)

I did one better: Just for grins, I made a new button with just this:


On the first toggle, it adds another size column, rather than hide the initial size column. On the second toggle, it hides the second size column.

As an afterthought, I changed it from COLUMNSTOGGLE to COLUMNSREMOVE. Although the size column is right there, in the lister, the button is not active (I'm guessing DOpus does not sense there's a size column to remove).

Is there something about the size column (or something related) that keeps it from being hidden/removed?

There are several different size columns : bytesize, sizeauto, sizekb, sizerel. At a guess I'd say you need to use Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=sizeauto as that is the field that's on by default.

That was it... Thanks!


Where can I find these columns "sh:foldersize" e.t.c. in my opus 10?


sh:* columns are ones added by 3rd party shell extensions.

Thanks a lot leo

is this documented anywhere?

The documentation couldn't list the columns as we don't know what other programs might add. (The names come from those programs and could be anything.)

You can see the columns listed in the Folder Format / Folder Options windows.

If you want to refer to the columns in commands, you can find a list of their sh:* names via the button editor, like this: