Set default Find Results folder settings

On Dopus 11, how can I set the folder format of the Find Results tab (specifically to include the Dimensions column, group by filetype, sort by dimensions, show as thumbnails) so that search results are always in that format, but without changing the defaults of other tabs I open?

Thank you.

You can set the format used for Collections under Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, which would affect all collections (unless overridden).

Or you can save a format for a particular collection in the same way you would for any other folder, using Folder Options, Save > For This Folder. (e.g. To save a format for the Find Results collection only. But remember you may not always send the results to the same collection.)

Thanks Leo, I've set the format for Collections and that seems to have worked, I can live with other kinds of collection defaulting to that.