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Set focus to 'address bar' when a new tab is opened



Is it possible to set the focus to the address bar when a new tab is opened?
I usually use ‘control T’ to open a new tab, or press the new tab button next to the old tab.



You could change the Ctrl+T hotkey to run this:

Set FOCUS=PathField

The New Tab + button at the end of the tab bar can’t be modified, on the other hand. A script could set focus to the location bar whenever a new tab opens, but I’m not sure that would work too well as it would also happen when tabs were opened via other methods (e.g. sending Find results into a new tab).

You could probably do the script approach if you have Opus set to open empty tabs when opening new ones, as the script could then only change focus if the new tab was empty. in that case it should be a fairly simple script, although not as simple as the Ctrl+T change.


Editing the Ctrl+T hotkey is good fit. As its only when pressing Ctrl+T that I have my hands on the keyboard. The New Tab + script would be ok, but I agree with your thoughts that you would only want that for an empty tab. I currently have it set to the default of duplicating the current tab. Not sure if I want to change that.

Thanks for the suggestion.