Set Label improvements

  1. It would be nice if we could create new labels from the command in the folder (right click or button),adding "new" in the sub menu where we have "stop on match" and "reset"
    So we are not forced to go in Settings and create another one

  2. It would be also very nice if submenu would cointains others submenu so we can manage much more labels
    Let's say i create a label "A" in the group "alphabetic"
    When i right click a file and go to "set label" i see all the labels. What i ask is too show the groups "alphabeitc" "numeric" "season" etc etc in a submenu,and then the labels.

you can create new buttons and menu buttons by right clicking on a toolbar and clicking "customize"

I've customized my own labels a bit because of my dark theme background. Everything has a convenient keyboard shortcut and it's very easy to add new button's or shortcuts for your personal new additional labels.

BTW, I have not yet figured out how to change colors again 'consistently' without needing to reset the label first.

How many labels you have?

i know how to create buttons but it's not what it's necessary here.
i have the buttono to add label but the submenu is too long. it's on a single column.
More columns would be better but if we have to change it,it's even better to add more sub menu based on the groups of the labels

That's why I deleted the default list and created my own label submenus. You can do this by inserting a "New Menu" (right click within the drown down menu list for labels) while in the toolbar customization mode. Currently, I have a few more labels that I have not created any menus for as those are wildcard labels or for some other purpose e.g. blu-ray discs, dvd discs, lo-fi video files etc. if filenames have [BD] or [DVD] or resolution less than [480] correspondingly listed.

The command which builds the menu can be told to filter so it only displays one category of labels. You could use that to build a menu of menus, one for each category. You'd need to create a button for each category, but I'm assuming the number of categories isn't huge.

Some of those labels sound like they could be defined as filters, removing the need to explicitly apply labels to things at all. e.g. If "season 1" is being applied to files with S01Exx in the name somewhere then you could use a label filter to match all of those without ever having to explicitly apply anything to individual files.

but I don't think you can create individual keyboard shortcuts for each label when using a single command... you'd be stuck with one hotkey for each command menu, right?

No, but if you have hundreds of labels (which seems to be what we're talking about) I'm not sure it would be realistic to create and remember individual keyboard shortcuts for all of them.

Oh, I see! Personally, I think I can only remember about half of all of my keyboard shortcuts in opus. Then there's my keyboard shortcuts in lightroom, irfranview etc. It does get awfully confusing and you sometimes forget if you stop using a program for a while.

i don't know how,but i did the button and it works fine.

what about the request to add "new" in the submenu?

Edit your new button inside your new menu list. Click on the drop down list for Function and select Set Label. Click Advanced > Arguments > LABELCATEGORY/K > [your category]

I think OP is asking for a way to create new labels on the fly, not for how to create buttons for labels.

Oh, god... It just feels counter-intuitive to create so many different labels. I personally think it would be easier to use a filename convention regex columns instead for, say, 'season' or some other thing rather than create more than a dozen or so numerous labels on-the-fly. But if that's what he really wants... can't argue with that.

Just like when you find a file and you can use filters or create a new one

yes,but if i use regexp column i go back to the "delay problem"

I'm trying so many solutions to do what i need
Very different solutions but each one has something not good. now i almost found a good solution. the only problem is that when i modify a file i have to assign labels again,but it's not a thing i do frequently so it's not a big problem.
And adding "new" to the submenu makes things faster when i have to create new labels

I see. You'd likely need a special command. Dunno how to create that myself, Leo or the other developers could help more on that matter more ...

What I was thinking of were more in the lines of very large libraries e.g. movie, tv show, photo 'collections' ... in such a case I'd much prefer a dedicated database cause I wouldn't even need to always have immediate direct access to the files/folder/network to browse the collection/edit the metadata.