Set new path for existing Tab

Hello Dopus team,

I find it somewhat difficult to change anything about my tab set, which I have been using for years and which works well.

The problem is, I would like to change only the path of certain individual tabs, and keep all other settings, such as displayed columns, column width, lock status, etc., so I don't have to reconfigure all that.

My preferred way would be, starting from an existing tab, and navigating to a new destination folder, then right-clicking on the tab and selecting "Set New Destination" (or similar). Unfortunately, something like this does not seem to be possible.

What would be the next easiest way to accomplish this?


You could load the tab group, change whatever you need to, then save over the tab group with what you now have.

Or you can go into Preferences and edit the tab group there, where you can change individual details (e.g which folder each tab displays) via the UI.

This is assuming we're talking about folder tab groups and not something else that stores tabs, such as a lister layout.

Okay thanks Leo, I'll try that approach.