Set "pin to top" label via command?

Hi Opus,
this feature is accessible via preferences.
It would be quite handy if it could also be set, and toggled, via an internal command.
Many thx for your amazing product.

Labels can be set via the Properties command and SETLABEL, ADDLABEL and SETLABELTOGGLE arguments (depending on exactly what you want to do).!Documents/Properties.htm

Thx Leo,
but i don't believe that an internal command can currently change the "pin to top" part of a label's configuration. Being able to change this for a specific label using a hotkey without having to open
Settings / Preferences / Labels / / toggle "Pin to Top"
would be very helpful. Please advise whether this would be easy to do,
e.g. via a new option on the SetLabelToggle command.

Many thx,

You want to change the labels themselves, not which files/folders the labels are applied to?

You can't do that from commands, but if you make a Pin to Top label, you can have a command which will add/remove/toggle that on the selected files/folders.

Labels can be combined with other labels if you want (via the ADDLABEL argument), so you can control the pin state independently of the text color and so on.