Set QuickViewPlus 11 to view all files in Viewer

I am using Opus 10 on Windows 7 64 bit and have QuickViewPlus 11.

Is it possible to set QuickViewPlus 11 as the default viewer for all files in the Viewer. I canot see how you do it in Preferences.

Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Which types in particular do you want to view using QVP but can't at the moment?

Also, do you mean the viewer panel (part of the lister), or the standalone viewer you get when you double-click files? (Or both?)


I mean that I would like to view all files with QVP11 (including Word, Excel etc) files. Ie as a complete replacement (as far as possible) for other viewers. I am aware that with OPus there is a viewer for these files, but I find it is quite slow to display files. In some folders I may have Word, Pdf, WordPerfect files, one after another. And going down the list from one to another, means eg for a Word file that the Word viewer is loaded, then moving to the next file is a WordPerfect file, the QVP viewer is loaded, and for each there is a noticeable pause as the is loaded.

Therefore, just using one (will)(should) load just one type of viewer.

I mean the Viewer Panel.

Disable the "ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web" plugin from the Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins page (or move it down so that it's listed below the MultiView plugin).

Thank you Jon for the reply. But this just causes all files not to display incorrectly.

I disabled the "ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web" plugin and moved the MultiViewer above the ActiveX one:

  1. Any file selected does not display properly, eg

  1. The multiviewer config window shows:

  1. The Multiviewer about window shows:

Further help with this would be greatly appreciated.

(I am using the 64bit version of QuickViewPlus 11).

Oh, you're on x64 I guess. Then no, that won't work, as QVP is actually handled by the ActiveX plugin, not MultiView.
The only way to do what you want then is to go into the ActiveX plugin prefs and turn off everything except the QVP preview handler.

I re-activated the Active-X plugin, and within it disabled all the viewers other than the one for QuickViewPlus. But files such as Word, Excel etc do not display properly (the QuickViewPlus viewer is not called), but WordPerfect call the QuickViewerPlus viewer). The setting for the Active-X plugin was:

Have I missed something?

You might have to add the file extensions (.docx, etc) to the QVP preview handler to get it to handle them, but I'm not sure (I don't have QVP installed myself).

I think Leo might have to take over at this point :slight_smile:


I can now see, it is simply a question of adding to the QuickViewPlus, the relevant extensions, eg for a Word file just add ".doc" in the box at the bottom of the Preferences window on the right.

Very easy to change. Thank you.