Set SORTBY=name SORTREVERSE=off/on works, but

Hello again,

I have problems with sorting filenames ascending/descending.

Set SORTBY=name SORTREVERSE=off works, and

Set SORTBY=name SORTREVERSE=on as well.

When sorting via

Set SORTBY=name or

Set SORTBY=-name I don't see any action. Any hints?

Many thanks and greetings

Using - before the column name is only applicable when sorting by multiple columns at once. e.g. Set SORTBY=-name,size

When sorting by only one column, only SORTREVERSE is what defines which way around the sort happens. (SORTREVERSE works with multiple columns as well, reversing the overall order.)

If you are already sorting by name, in either direction, then Set SORTBY=name (with or without the - before the column name) won't do anything as you're asking it to something that's already being done. But if you were sorting by another column, it will change to sorting by name.