Set view-mode for special folders like PDA

I have a PocketPC and a Powershot camera. Both can only be accessed in DO setting folder aliases.

The view is always set to "thumbnails" after restart of DO. Is it possible to set it permanently to details or other?

I wonder why these "drives" are not full supported by DO and can't be used like in Windows-Explorer (for example copy won't work when using copy-button in toolbar)? I really miss that because I often need to transfer files between PC and PDA (don't want to use auto-sync in mobile center).

If they are custom views that are handled by the camera's software, rather than real folders, then you should be able to save their settings as described here:

[Folder Formats: Special Folders (Computer, Network, etc.))

Opus probably doesn't have a lot of control over them if they are custom so the Copy button might not work. Sometimes you have to use Drag & Drop with special folders.

Yes, I often have to use Windows Explorer for some opertaions :cry:

Why? If the Copy button in the toolbar doesn't work Drag & Drop and copying via the clipboard should still work, and since those are the only ways to copy files in Explorer there's no disadvantage to using Opus.

Or do you mean you have some special folders which Opus cannot view at all? If so what are the folders?

I know, but sometimes deleting is not possible (device is disconnected, don't know why, but it doesn't happen in WExplorer).

Maybe it can be fixed if you give us some more information or send a report to GPSoft. You still haven't said what the folder is.

Folder is an alias to my Windows Mobile Device, called "PocketPC".

When opening PocketPC there're two disks, one is built-in memory and other a 4GB-SD-Card. Disconnecting appears on both memory-disks, built-in and SD.

PDA is a Dell Axim X51v with Windows Mobile 5.0.

Also I sometimes have problems accessing my Canon Powershot IS2, which is also accessed via an alias directly to a 4GB-SD-card.