SetLabel Menu, no labels selected

Hello! o)

I was playing around setting labels, I was expecting that assigned labels would be be highlighted in the Properties SETLABEL !menu button, so I can see which labels are assigned, but the menu does not seem to respect label state of selected items. Is there any other place/menu I can see all the labels currently assigned to selected items?

Thank you!

There's a Label column for that.

Ok, aside from this menu not allowing to set multiple labels..

I think it would add to the label-fun if it would allow to set multiple labels (just like the Properties SETLABEL.. command allows). It would also be fun if the active labels would be highlighted in that menu. A checkbox in the front may do the job, to not get confused with all the background changing labels/styles.

The labels feature is quite something even newbies could understand and use (consider me a newbie regarding labels), but I am a good example on how confused you end up if things don't work intuitively (not supporting multiple labels from the menu, no highlight in the menu and no command to remove single labels). Things might be harder to remember and understand this way. This is just a theory of course.. no offense! o)

Thank you!