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Setting a DEFAULT text for the ZIP creation dialog

Hi, I have v6, 9, 10 and 12 - not new to it.

I want to be able to set the default text in the zip creation dialog to a string that I use all the time. A picture speaks a thousand words; can it it be done?

Change the command to:


I've used DOPUS for years and years and it is a testament to it that I've never needed to do anything like this. My question now is how do I go about creating an 'Internal Command' or invoking one? The help system tells me what parameters to set - fine, just how do I get to the point where I use them?

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I found it! ALT-Click the button that you want and replace the command - worked for me, thanks!

For others finding the thread, note that alt-click to edit only works if Preferences / Toolbars / Options / Alt-Click to edit Toolbar buttons is turned on, and it's off by default.

When it's off, alt-click will act like a middle mouse button click, to help access the third command on three-buttons, on systems which don't have a middle button (e.g. many laptops).