Setting Lister Tab Locations

My current setup is dual Listers, horizontal layout, each with multiple tabs. The left-most tab is unlocked and all the other tabs in each Lister is set to Locked (Reuse).

I have this saved/set as my default Lister. My two unlocked tabs are set to a specific location. Sometimes during the day I like to "reset" my layout so I made a toolbar button that does 'Prefs LAYOUT="Default Panes"' and this works great.

Is there a better way to just "reset" the location of the first tab in each Lister ?

For example, top Lister, left-most tab would be "C:\Temp" and the bottom Lister, left-most tab would be "D:\Temp" ? Should I be looking into Tab Groups ?
Thanks !

I did some more searching and testing and did the following, it too is working:
1 - Groups / Save Both Sides / called it "Default Tab Group"
2 - Added a button with the function "Go TABGROUPLOAD "Default Tab Group" TABCLOSEALL=yes"

If you want a quick way to reset the whole window to defaults after doing things with it, a very easy way is to close and re-open it, which can be done from a button or hotkey:

That also avoids having to define your list of default folders/tabs in two places and keep them in sync.

There are other (more complex) methods if you want to avoid the window close/re-open, but that's the easiest way.

Thank you ! Your suggestion worked perfectly.