Settings Help needed Please Ver 100104185 x64

Hi I need some help on how to set some settings please as I have tired everything in Dopus preferences, my problem is when I am in say my downloads folder or any other large folder, with a heap of folders from downloads in it, I want the setting the way Dopus used to be as default, where when u r on one folder within the downloads folder and u unrar then delete it or change copy move it, I want it to go to the next folder, but atm no matter which setting l choose in pref it always goes back to the top folder downloads, this is very annoying if u hv few 100 to 1000 folders, then I hv to go all the way down to find where I was up to, now dopus used to always go to the next folder and not jump to parent every time, u change or delete or move, I hv tired the diff setting to tell it to move to next folder and others but to no avail. is it my ver still has settings prob bug? Please can some one help with this prob I hv thank you for your time Eagle :smiley:

I have to say that is not the clearest support request I've ever read, but I think the option you want is Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files / Automatically select next file after deleting.

yes like I said I have set that option and others but it still does not choose the next folder in the list or tree l am working on, it will jump back up to the parent folder instead of just going to the next folder alphabetically in my list or tree, so if I am alphabetically at T in my list or tree and delete that folder it should just go to the next alphabetically but it will not it just goes back to the parent folder that these folders and files are in, I have used and bought different file managers and they by default have all done what I am asking normally and so did prev ver of Dopus, I do not know how u cannot understand what l am talking about it pretty much explains what l am doing and need, even crappy windows explorer goes to the next folder in the tree after say delete.

Please update to the latest version of Opus. (assuming that's what 100104186 means :slight_smile:) is quite old now, and there were some changes to do with this around that time.

Given that you don't seem to have any punctuation keys on your keyboard, or any idea of basic grammar, I think I did quite a good job :wink:

I tested what Jon said and it does just what you want. Running

Thank you to ktbcrash & leo who understood what l was on about without needing punctuations or basic grammar or smart comment, so all I needed was to upgrade :smiley:, with my chronic illness do not appreciate negative comments, my god, please do not ever comment on any of my posts again jon !! I am not writing a book and was fast writing/typing nice way to make some feel bad.

I'm really not trying to make fun or be a smartass or anything... but you have a chronic illness that prevents you from using basic grammar and punctuation? Is it like ADD or something?

You may have noticed a slight improvement in the quality after the initial bafflingly opaque message. (It wasn't just you or Jon left scratching their heads.) So I detect umbrage being taken and excuses made.

We should not really pick on people who use the modern mode of writing. We may consider it verging on illiteracy, but dinosaurs like us will soon be extinct.

That does mean that we are likely to pass over trying to assist when messages are incomprehensible, but what the heck? Someone with fluent textspeak can always chip in and help.