Settings - im/ex-porting

This is really bugging me. Why is it everytime I want to save or load my settings it takes an hour to find the requester?

I have been to customize and preferences and looked at every tab. Shouldn't there be a Settings menu in the preference requester?


It's in the Preferences menu, which people often don't notice is a menu since it's there on its own and looks a bit like a heading:

You can also put a button to do Import/Export wherever you like, e.g. on the tray menu:

With 8.1, the Prefs command has also been extended to support the .DPS I/E settings. There were some issues with it the last time I checked though... the 'all' parameter does not seem to actually process 'all' settings. I got around it by specifying every 'other' option than all... for instance, I've set the dblclk event for .DPS filetypes to run:

[b]dopusrt /cmd Prefs IMPORT "%1" IMPORTSETTINGS=filetypes,replacefiletypes,filters,replacefilters,images,replaceimages,toolbars,replacetoolbars,prefs,replaceall[/b]

Likewise I've got a button that runs the following to export my settings to a chosen folder:

[b]dopusrt /cmd Prefs EXPORTSETTINGS=all,alltoolbars,filetypes,filters,images,prefs,toolbars TO "{dlgstring|Specify filename for settings export...                       |"d:\my\my apps\prefs\my dopus settings.dps"}"[/b]