Settings > Preferences is showing the Windows Favorites menu instead

Something has gotten criss-crossed in my Dopus installation. When I click Settings > Preferences a list of my Windows favorite folders is showing, instead of the list of Dopus preference topics.

And oddly, the window title is "Preferences - Directory Opus." My copy of Dopus is up to date.

Any idea of how I can fix this?

Could you post a screenshot of that window?

Preferences will show your Favorites list, if you're on the page for editing it.

After your reply, now I see. The menu items except for Favorites are invisible. When I click on a blank space, the whole list becomes visible in black text.

So, partly solved, but now to figure out why all the text wasn't black to begin with.

(I can't figure out how to attach a screen shot - nothing in the edit menu for that.)

The toolbar was probably set to override its text color so it's always black.

See the Colors section of the Update Tips, and the last two points in that section specifically.

I'm in version 12.33 at the moment; it seems that v.13 came out today, and the instructions you sent are for that. I can find that menu item in the version I have. Is it somewhere else in the version I have?

(I will be upgrading, but need to get done with some other work first.)

Apologies, I assumed it was something that happened when importing old colors/settings from Opus 12 into Opus 13 with dark mode on.

The toolbar/menu colors are controlled in a very similar way in 12 and 13; all that's different is the layout of the windows (buttons etc. are in different places).