SFTP and external editor


if I connect a site via SFTP / SSH, I can't save edited files. If I do the same via normal FTP, everthing is fine. Is there a solution? What is wrong?

Thank you for helping.

I did a quick test with an SFTP site and it seemed to work for me.

Are you using the same program to edit the file in both cases?

Under Settings -> Preferences / File Operations / Options, check that the Re-upload modified files settings make sense for the way you are editing the file.

Hi Leo,

after testing I found out, that I must close the editor for saving. This is bad. I am working on a project with i.E. RapidPHP or Eclipse. When I make a doubleclick on a html, css oder php file, it will be opend in RapidPHP (or Eclipse). For saving I must close RP or EC with all open projects and documents.

Can you change the behaviour like WinSCP does? WinSCP monitors the temp file, not the process. When you click on save, WinSCP uploads the temp file but hold the connection to the editor.

Greetings from germany

You can configure Opus to monitor the file for changes instead of waiting for the text editor to close. See the settings I mentioned above.