SFTP and Opus 13 Trial


I've been a proud user of Directory Opus 12 for the past eight years or so. I downloaded the trial version of Opus 13 and almost immediately ran into some difficulty.

I have found that the trial it is unable to utilize the SFTP feature without paying for an additional upgrade. I have no trouble with paying an extra bit for the feature (in fact, I did pay the extra for the SFTP feature on Opus Directory 12). My concern is that, because I am on a trial version there is no way for me to update it to use the SFTP feature. The link embedded in the error message to simply points to https://www.gpsoft.com.au without giving any indication on what the solution might be.

Anyhow, is there a way to active the SFTP feature on the trial version? I maintain dozens of websites and I use that feature multiple times per day.

As an aside, considering that my current Opus 12 license includes the SFTP feature, does the upgrade price (which the website gives me) include the license to use the SFTP feature also, or will I have to upgrade and then purchase the SFTP license again?



If you register for a 60 day trial, the trial certificate includes SFTP.

Optional features carry over on upgrades so if you already have SFTP under 12, you'd still have it after upgrading to 13 for no extra cost.

Thank you for the extraordinarily fast reply.

It's interesting though, when I downloaded the software the website asked if I wanted to register for the 60 day trial. I put in my email address and whatnot before downloading the software. I must have missed a step to register for the longer trial.

That said, Directory Opus, is quite literally my favorite (and most used) piece of software on my computer.

Again, thanks for your reply.


EDIT: It turns out that filling out the registration form for the 60-day trial doesn't send the user to a different page with a different (60 day) installation .exe as I had thought.

It sends an email with an extended license attached to the email address registered. Once received the user has to update the license from within the program.

I didn't realize that until just now.

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