SFTP dialogs stealing focus

Is there a way to get Opus to NOT steal focus away from what I'm doing when it pops up the little "FTP Status" windows when FTP events happen?

It's dreadfully annoying when I'm uploading/downloading a large file and go on about my business doing other things in another lister... and then the transfer finishes and suddenly I'm not typing where I was typing a second before. Even just selecting a site from the address book and then clicking the other lister to scroll down the local file list, the FTP Status window pops open and steals focus while it's up.

Also it seems like I have a 50/50 chance of crashing Opus if I click Abort on a SFTP upload/download. Like just now.. though this is the first time I've seen this window with a specific error:

"The error (0xC0000005) occured in thread 'dopus_ftp' at address 0x0078A8B7

I'm not aware of anything that might help. You should report both problems to GPSoftware and see what they say: