SFTP not connecting

Hello. Suddenly I am not able to successfully connect to my website via FTP using dopus. No settings have changed, nothing on the server has changed. When I tried to connect, I get no error messages - it just hangs, as if trying to connect, but never responds otherwise.

Filezilla connects perfectly. Other people using other apps on other machines are able to connect perfectly.

I cannot be sure, but I suspect this is a problem introduced with the latest version update. Please help if you can.

Todd Carson

Is it an FTP, SFTP, or FTPS site?

Have you checked everything in the FAQ on FTP problems?

Thanks for responding, Leo.

The site is SFTP. I have been using dopus for this purpose for years and none of the configuration has changed at either end, so I really can't understand what's suddenly causing a problem.

I've looked at the FAQs and cannot find anything that might relate/resolve.


What do you mean by "hangs" - the program stops responding completely? Or the FTP connection just fails to establish?

Does the FTP log show anything?

It normally connects and displays the directories within a few seconds. Now it just hangs as it attempts to connect. See the attached screen capture.

Did you download 12.27 as soon as it came out? A short time later (less than a day, I think) there was an update to the installer which fixed a similar issue. We haven't bumped the version yet but put the fix out under the same version so more people would get it sooner. So if you downloaded 12.27 very early, please try downloading it again and see if that helps.

Yes, I did install the update early. So I just now downloaded the latest version from your website and... it resolve the issue.

Thanks for your help.

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