SFTP site misc settings can't customize?

The Misc page all options are disabled.

Nothing on the Misc page makes sense for SFTP, only for FTP.

I need SFTP support UTF8

AFAIK (Jon or Greg will correct me if I'm wrong), this is still current for SFTP and UTF8 support:

Opus is derived from the putty sources and I believe this supports utf-8 automatically. But maybe we are not taking this into account in some way.

Can you contact me privately by direct email greg @ ... and send me the full details and a test login for the site and we can investigate the issue further.

Thanks for the test site!

We've added UTF-8 support for SFTP in the beta 11.13.1 which will be released today. By default, if the site prefs are set as default (auto) then UTF-8 will be supported unless the text fails UTF-8 rules.

From the Site Preferences, you can now access the UTF-8 setting in Misc and force on / force off / or set as auto (default).

Let us know if you have any further issues.

Thanks! greg reply.

I am looking forward to the following questions are resolved as soon as possible.

Quiqiu - Thanks for the reply.

With respect to this other issue re Chinese fonts, all I can say for now is that this is quite a complicated issue and is under investigation.

btw: Best to keep one issue per thread please.