SFTP via SSH symbolic links and context menus

I have started using the FTP module in DO and it works great, but there are a couple of issues. One issue is that DO doesn't follow symbolic links. I have tried changing the 'Treat unknown links as' to folders but it doesn't help. Is there any other way this can be fixed?

Another issue I have is that I can't find a way to modify the file/folder context menus. Is this not possible?

Are the symlinks showing up as files or folders?

If you turn on the Description column, do they show the expected target paths?

They show up as files and there is nothing under the description column. After some more testing today, I noticed that the name of the symbolic link affects the way DO interprets them. For example if the symbolic link is called test.com it works fine, but if the link is called test.tm or test.xyz then it doesn't work.

And as for the symbolic links that do work, the target path is not showing up under the description column.

Is there another workaround for this problem?

No known ones so far, other than renaming the folders (which won't always be possible, of course).

Yeah, renaming is not possible.