SFV checker

I would like a built in SFV checker.

Presumably you want a column which shows SFV check results for each file (assuming there's at least one *.sfv file in the directory)?

(If you just want to be able to double-click a .sfv and get a new window showing the results for each file there are a few tools out there which do this already.)

The column would be a nice implementation, but it forces me to always have that column visible to be useful. Or maybe I can just turn it on for my download folder and sub folders.

If it would work as other SFV checkers i.e. double-click and get the result - I would like it to automatically select files failing the SFV check.

I figure it could work like the MD5 Checksum column does, i.e. you can make a button which turns it on or it could be added like the explicit "get me the MD5 for the selected files even if they're large" command (GetSizes NODESELECT MD5) and it'd then calculate the details.

This is the SFV tool I use right now. It won't select any failed files in Opus for you, of course, but it's a reasonable GUI and seems to do the job:


Sounds excellent,

BTW Quick SFV works fine but an integration will be relly nice.