Shadowprotect mounted backup images

There seems to be a problem with Opus 11 when i mount a Shadowprotect backup image using the explore feature.

See the screenshot. The volume is mounted as H; and when i click on it the path on the right pane of Opus shows H:
However, when i click on the hidden folder All Users the display changes to C:\Program Data and the files appear to be what's on C drive. Everything within/below All Users seems to be coming from C drive, not H.

This is Opus 11.17 on Win 7 x64 SP1.

From the icon, All Users looks like a junction or soft-link. It is probably pointing to your C:\ drive.

What does the Description column show for it, when viewing the Users folder it is inside of?

I'm very sorry, but this looks like a problem with Shadowprotect, because the same thing is happening with the native Windows explorer.

FWIW: I don't think this is really a 'problem' in either Shadowprotect, Opus or File Explorer.

The 'All Users' folder is indeed a SymLink, and it is created as an ABSOLUTE link to the C:\ProgramData folder. I suppose it's possible Microsoft could have created this folder as a RELATIVE link so that it would have pointed to ..\ProgramData instead of hard coded to the C: drive... but alas, they didn't.

I bump into this all the time when I'm doing recovery work on a PC after booting into a WinPE environment, where the WinPE system drive is X: and the usual C: drive on many systems gets displaced to D: or something higher because of the presence of system, utility or other partitions that WinPE assigns as the C: drive instead. So trying to click into folders like 'All Users' or any specific users 'Local Settings' folder or something similar on a Windows partition that has been mounted as E: actually throws an ERROR since those same folders don't exist at all on the hidden partitions that have taken over the C: drive assignment.

In most cases, you can just check the properties of the links that are sending you in undesired directions, and navigate to the physical folder path instead of trying to click through the links.