Shared drive icons not updating

I have an issue with Dopus 10 which was not there in Dopus 9.

I have some shared drives on a computer. I share one of them via a script that used the "net" command. On Opus 9 the icon would not update to show that the drive was shared until I manually refreshed it with F5 (opening and closing the lister didn't help). With Opus 10 it just doesn't update no matter what I do.

Data should show as shared in the image above. I can access the drive over the network fine, it is definitely shared. Store shows being shared correctly and was set up via the Explorer GUI rather than via a script.

No one else getting this? I should mention that the OS is Windows Server 2008.

I can't reproduce this here on Windows 7 - running net share from a DOS prompt correctly updates the icons in the Opus Computer display.

It works on my Windows 7 system as well, but definitely not on Server 2008.