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Shell extension behavior difference

There is a difference of behavior when using a shell extension under Windows Explorer vs. Directory Opus 11.4.4 (beta), and I don't know if the problem is due to the other vendor's code, or Directory Opus. The other product is UltraCompare from IDM Software.

Under Windows, the "Load in UltraCompare" right-click menu option shows the entire path to the file(s) about to be loaded (see the image "UC popup menu DO"). But under Directory Opus, the names are truncated (see the other attached image).

Who is likely responsible for this behavior difference?

Having submenus appear on top of the item that opened them is something to be avoided, and I think that is what Opus is doing there. (Presumably there is room on neither the left nor the right for the full-sized menu to fit on your screen.)

I don't think Opus is truncating the strings (from a quick check with a test shell extension I set to make labels equally long), but it may be telling the shell extension to keep within a smaller space, to avoid that problem.

I don't think this is a bug.

Its not exactly what your after, but If you would like to use UltraCompare with dopus, you can use this External compare tool buttons. It would allow you to select two or three files/folders and then open the tool passing them in.
It does not currently support ultra compare, but would be easy for you to add, or I can do it.
While its not the answer to your question it might make using ultracompare easier with dopus.